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These results do not include those extended warranties where there is a single price which combines the price of the electrical good and the price of the extended warranty, which may be available on certain electrical goods from some retailers and manufacturers.

This is an information website to enable the participating providers of extended warranties for domestic electrical goods to display information about themselves and their services. The annual equivalent rates are shown for information purposes only, and do not indicate that annual products are available.

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Provider Product Term Price (& annual equivalent rate) Parts/Labour inc Mishaps inc New for old Unlimited repairs No fault, no charge Health check/ valet Available on goods from elsewhere Other Helpline support Loan product available Excess
There are no warranty products that match your search criteria

You have opted to view a comparison table of printer warranties from a range of well-known UK electrical outlets. Printers are, in most cases, considered a functional item that owners tend to replace only when they are broken beyond economic repair. Some owners opt to take out an extended warranty in order to give them some protection after the initial guarantee period. Different warranties offer different levels of cover, with some providing features such as unlimited repairs, new-for-old replacements, and accidental damage protection. In the table above, you can see a range of extended warranties for printers, accompanied by all the relevant details about them such as the price and the term length. This list can be narrowed down by using the search refining tools on the left hand panel.

Please note that this website does not contain details of all extended warranty providers or products. Currys/ PC World and Argos have agreed with the OFT that they will maintain this website.

You may use this website to search for information in accordance with these terms and conditions. Each extended warranty provider is only responsible for information which it provides about its own warranty services. In the event you have a complaint about information which has been displayed on this website, you should contact the relevant extended warranty provider directly. Nothing in this website shall constitute an offer which is capable of acceptance and nothing in this website is an invitation or inducement to buy any contract of insurance, but if and to the extent any can be construed as such, then the relevant provider has approved it for the purposes of section 21 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.