Apple iMacs extended warranty (Tesco)

Product / Term / Purchased Price Range
Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 2 years
  • 5 years
Warranty Price
  • £30 (£30 annually)
  • £60 (£60 annually)


YesNew For Old Replacement
If your item cannot be easily repaired, we will reimburse the full purchase price of the item, including VAT
Parts & labour Parts & Labour Included
Does the Extended Warranty cover the cost of replacement parts, labour or both?
£0.00Excess Charge Per Claim
Is there an excess fee that you must pay if you claim?
YesNo Fault, No Charge
If you make a claim and there is no fault or the problem is not covered will there be no charge
NoLoan Product Available
If the product is taken away for repair will you be entitled to a loan product?
UK including Northern IrelandLocations
The areas of the UK that the Extended Warranty covers?
YesAvailable On Products Purchased Elsewhere
Is the Extended Warranty available to buy on products bought from any retailer?
5 daysRepair Commitment
Are there any maximum repair time commitments offered under the Extended Warranty?
YesMishaps Included
Are you protected against mishaps or accidents?
YesUnlimited Repairs
Does the Extended Warranty provide for unlimited repairs?
NoAnnual Health Check / Valet
Does the Extended Warranty provide for maintenance checks or valet?
YesHelpline Support
Does the Extended Warranty provide a telephone support service?
NoUnlimited replacements
Does the Extended Warranty provide for unlimited replacements?
Internet, Store Availability
Where can you purchase the Extended Warranty?
Other Information
5-Day Service Guarantee, Worldwide Coverage, product may be replaced after 3 repairs
Customer Protection
>SquareTrade is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This warranty is a an insurance policy 100% underwritten by AmTrust International Underwriters Limited. Customers are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the Insurer cannot meet its liabilities under this policy.

Further Benefits

Tesco offers SquareTrade Protection Plans, the top-rated cover for gadgets, electronics and appliances. SquareTrade is a new kind of warranty, offering great value and 5-star service. Some of the benefits of buying a SquareTrade Protection Plan:

  • If we don’t fix or reimburse within 5 days of receiving your item, your warranty is free.
  • Covers accidents like drops and spills, as well as all normal-use mechanical and electrical failures.
  • 100% parts and labour, with no excess or depreciated value calculation
  • Manage all your warranties online, including storage of your proof of purchase.
  • Multiple repairs, up to the full item purchase price.
  • Overseas cover. Find a local repairer and we’ll reimburse you.
  • In-home service for desktops and large appliances

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